Visualizing furniture with Augmented Reality

When thinking of buying new furniture or redecorating, visualizing how it will look in your room and confirming it has the right size and will fit, are essential matters to be taken into account before buying.

What is AR?

Augmented reality, known by its acronym AR, is a technology that allows the overlay of digital content on the real world. It enables users to experience virtual objects and information as if they were part of the real world. It has become increasingly popular over the past few years, specially in online shopping. AR is a rapidly developing technology that has the potential to revolutionize how we shop furniture online.

AR in online furniture shopping

Using mobile augmented reality can be really useful for online shopping. It allows customers to get an up-close look at products without ever having to leave their homes or step foot inside a store. With just the tap of a button on their mobile phones, shoppers can view 3D models of furniture items and virtually place them into their home environment before deciding on whether or not to buy it.

Not only does this provide convenience for shoppers, but also helps them make more informed purchasing decisions as they are able to gain insight about how well the pieces fit with their existing decor before committing financially. Furthermore, retailers benefit from increased customer satisfaction by providing an enhanced user experience while also reducing costs associated with product returns due to dissatisfaction caused by wrong size or colour choices made during purchase. As such, using mobile augmented reality for online shopping provides numerous benefits both for customers and retailers alike.

Make sure it will fit

WunderHome provides you the opportunity to view every product in your environment with AR by means of the tool (References and more info at

Use your mobile device to place a 3D box with the product dimensions that shows you how it fits in your room. Click on the AR link provided in every product under the section Make sure it will fit.

Let us help you make it easier to choose and make the right decisions on your purchase experience. Visualize how the piece of furniture will work in your space and be sure it fits before you buy 🙂


What device do I need to use the AR visualization?

iPhone / iPad with iOS 12+ or Android device with ARCore 1.9+ support

How accurate is AR?

The 3D box is within 1 to 2 cm of the actual size.

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