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At WunderHome we search and select the best furniture and decoration pieces for you.

We know that when looking for a piece of furniture we spend a lot of hours browsing through the many options out there. We would like to make this task easier for you and reduce the time you spend searching on the internet. How? Bringing together different proposals in the same place.

This is how WunderHome.eu came about, from the idea of searching for, selecting and proposing furniture and decoration items from different brands that we believe can help and inspire you when it comes to decorating your home. We want you to be able to explore and find what you are looking for, in one place. Our platform offers a selection of hundreds of beautiful designs and stunning furnishings from the best brands. Your furniture brands together in the same place.

Find your inspiration.

You will just fall in love with our selected items. Creative and functional designs of different interior design styles: vintage, Nordic, Art-Déco, industrial…

Discover chic and avant-garde furniture, as well as classic and timeless pieces. We want to make a selection for all pockets. Many brands teach us that exclusivity and high quality is not always at odds with affordable choices. WunderHome is the place for you to explore new shopping opportunities and meet new home decor brands. Find inspiration with our proposals for every room.

Search for sustainability

More and more, when designing our home, we look for ethically made and sustainable furniture. Thankfully, furniture brands are nowadays focused on fair trade, the use of sustainable materials and responsible production practices. At WunderHome we want to highlight these brands by indicating their commitments and promoting their products. Just look for our sustainable icon at the product description. You can find here more information on sustainable practices from furniture brands.

Furniture with soul.

We look for original and unique designs, full of personality, but also pieces and brands committed to the environment.

We are also advocates of local shopping when possible. We believe that sustainability can go together with creativity and functionality. There are brands that make furniture with soul, and that we have selected not only for the attractive and stunning design of their pieces, but also for their commitment to the environment. From long history brands to startups, offering innovative designs as well as durable over time.

Find the piece you are looking for and enjoy it for a long time. Decorate your home with the .

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